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    Pentecost - The Balloons are coming... Sunday 15th May

    As the London heat wave shows us that the long awaited summer is coming, here at St. Mary's we are getting excited about Pentecost. 

    What is Pentecost? You may ask. Well, for Christian's its the celebration of the Holy Spirit of God descending upon the followers of Jesus who were gathered together in Jerusalem. Jesus's followers were feeling pretty vulnerable and alone after their leader was killed, rose from the dead and then ascended to heaven. But the dramatic arrival of the Holy Spirit gave them renewed hope to go out and tell Jesus' story. A story of hope and love for the world. 

    After our 11am service on Sunday 15th May as part of our vision at St. Mary's to 'Make Jesus Known' we are going to be releasing balloons with prayers and blessings attached. We pray that the balloons wil spread far and wide (just like the Holy Spirit) bringing the hope that is found in Jesus to all. 

    Why not come along and see what God does... If you find a balloon, get in contact and tell us how far it got!


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