It seems to me that this just about sums life up, although maybe we could add 'valleys'.

    Life is full of things which we don't understand, puzzles, which cause us to battle through some deep questions arising from circumstances, experiences and things we observe only through the media. Not everything is black and white and there comes a time when we want some answers! Siri, google and indeed any search engine fail to give us the answers we need to life's deepest questions.

    Interestingly, I think that's the way God made us - to question, to search for meaning and purpose and to have a hunger for truth and justice! The challenge for us is to look in the right  places where we might get some answers. If we look in a cookbook, it won't help us get to Glasgow by road! If we look in a car manual, we'll never find out if the District Line in London is running this weekend! If we want to know the deeper meaning of life and answers to questions which are causing us sleepless nights, then we need to search, to look, to find.

    Jesus was a great one both for asking questions, but also pointing to answers. He encouraged people, many of whom were disregarded by others, in a life of discovery. He gave hope that there really are some answers. He said the famous words "Seek and you WILL find. Knock and the door WILL be opened."

    On alternate Thursday evenings in St Mary's Cafe on Grafton Road, Dagenham, we are meeting together to ask some searching questions and together with others travelling on a journey of discovery. All are welcome to join us at 7.30pm starting on 22nd Sept, and continuing on 6th October and alternate weeks. Check out the brochure for further details.

    I pray that you will find answers and you will discover that you are precious and loved by the most amazing God, who knows your name and has an awesome plan for your life.

    God bless you


    Rev Canon Julie Fleming



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